Design Folio Colour Palette

The folio of designs is a guide to how the designs can look using the colours from the colour palette. You can recolour any of the designs to fit in with your interior colour scheme. The colour palette below is made up of 54 shades. Custom colours can be dyed to order.

N.B. For specific colour matching please see our wool pom chain at your nearest retailer.

GW Design Folio full colour palette


GW natural Design Folio Palette


GW blue purple Design Folio Palette


GW pinks reds Design Folio Palette


GW golds Design Folio Palette


GW greens Design Folio Palette


GW grey blacks Design Folio Palette

If you would like one of our Design Folio designs, contact us to find your nearest Grosvenor Wilton Authorised Stockist with the Design Folio or visit our Stockists page.

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