Our Story

A history of carpet excellence…

Grosvenor Wilton is one of the country’s oldest carpet manufacturers, with a prestigious history of over 200 years. Founded in Kidderminster in 1790 by Benjamin Grosvenor, the company remained within the family for the next 150 years building a legacy of quality and innovation.

Today Grosvenor Wilton is renowned for producing the finest Wilton carpet for our clients throughout the world, creating authentic, bespoke designs for stately homes, historic palaces, commercial venues and private residences.

Attention to detail is at the heart of our company ethos, from creative concept through to manufacture and installation.

With their design expertise and superior creativity, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team work with a wide range of clients, from restoration schemes, working alongside curators and historians to commercial and residential projects for architects and interior designers. Our wealth of knowledge, innovation and experience ensures each commission is crafted to a precise specification that guarantees not only luxury and comfort but durability and longevity too.

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