Be part of the creative process…

…and choose your very own tailor-made carpet runner.

Design Folio

The Grosvenor Wilton Design Folio is full of breathtakingly beautiful & original designs for you to bring a piece of contemporary styling, historic authenticity or cultural flavour into your own home with our exquisite carpet runners.

Each carpet is made to order with the style, colour, quality & width all chosen by you.

All designs are displayed in 69cm (27”) widths & are also available in 91cm (36”) widths & in two qualities:



A 9cm (3.5”) border from the style options below in any colour, can be added to your runner.

GW Design Folio border options


All the designs can be made as rugs too.

Colour Palette

Click here to see our palette of 54 shades.

If you would like one of our Design Folio designs, contact us to find your nearest Grosvenor Wilton Authorised Stockist with the Design Folio or visit our Stockists page.

Call +44 (0) 1562 701 456 or to email us via our enquiry form.